Thursday, January 9, 2014

Love is Hard, Baby!

Oh yes, it's in February. And Valentine's Day week.

You don't celebrate? Neither do we. Not officially, anyway.

But LUUUUURVE is the reason why we do this, peeps.

BEcause we LOVE you. Because you owe it to yourselves. Because you LOVE yourselves (You must, if you like comedy and if you like us!).

Because you're worth it. (Or your date is).

Come. Rejoice. Exult! 

ACTORLYMPICS! is on again!

All the details are in the poster. No, really, just read it.

BUT, if 6 or more of you are dating, or you are being chaperoned, you all get RM5 off each of your tickets, no matter where you sit. Just joking, you don't need to be dating, any group of six can go for this offer. For this, you need to call the Box Office. There's the number in the poster.

But check out anyway, and make sure you book early to avoid disappointment!


1 comment:

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