Tuesday, April 3, 2012

shut the f*** up - we're on again!

Hi Everyone,

We are doing a short two-day run at the PJLA Laughfest in May this year!

Laughfest is a month-long Comedy Festival happening at the PJLive Arts Theatre in Jaya One, Petaling Jaya. Catch your favourite Actorlympians - both in Actorlympics! and doing their own shows, throughout the whole month of May.

Check out booking details at www.tix.my .

For those of you missing the live shows and unable to make it in May, do check out Vision Works' first foray into LIVE TELEVISION broadcasts every Friday night at 10pm on Astro Warna.

It is our show "SUPER SPONTAN"which is a souped-up, sketches-on-steroids, live improvised comedy competition show where celebs and comedy giants battle it out for the Grand Prize of RM100K and a CAR. Every week the winning team donates cash to a charity organisation of their choice.

Last week they donated their cash to the family of the late DIN BERAMBOI, who you may know, featured heavily in our show SPONTAN, before he passed away suddenly. Al-Fatihah and we hope that the little we gave is of some assistance to his family.

"Like" the Super Spontan page to be updated on the show.

See you soon!


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