Monday, April 7, 2008

Finally ten years later....

...Actorlympics gets its own webpage thingy!!

We had a fantastic run for Actorlympics! last week, and here are a few photos for you to remember us by, or imagine what fun you missed out on if you didn't make it to the show!

Don't worry, we will be having another run sometime during the year, meantime, keep an eye out for further updates right here!


Sensei Harith demonstrates Praying Mantis style

The comedy heavyweights doing their thing

When flamingoes won't do what they're told

Thinking takes a lot of effort

All pictures by Nick Dorian


Nick Dorian said...

It's about time Actorlympic's gets its own blog! Haha :P

Don't hesitate to give me a buzz if you need the original high resolution copies of the photos ya!

PahNur said...

It was meant to be. I was suppose to vacuum the room when I decided to blog a little and ended up in afdlin's blog to resume my war against anti no-humourism with this guy name "tremologuy" who left a nasty condescending comment on the blog. Walla, I was going to leave a comment on the actorlympic bit when i realised,"jesus!! today IS the 6th, the last day of actorlympics", glanced at my watch and saw I had approximately 45minutes to jump into human clothings, into the car, shut up and drive.

I lived in shah alam and damn, never thought i could make it to the last actorlympics performance. And you know what? It was worth the crazy driving.
You did great too you know. It is not easy being funny, let alone being funny impromptu. Bravo...a job well done. Keep it up!!

mamasan said...

thank you both for being the inaugural commentators!

Nick, I think I will take you up on your offer because the copies I have access to are too small for blogger consumption!

Pah Nur, thanks for your determination! and I'm glad you made it to the last show and enjoyed it too.

C U round!

Nick Dorian said...

No problem. Just let me know which ones you want either by facebook or email ya :)